EKKO works

 “Un Dia”
1620 x 1120mm 
oil on canvas

I am a painter based in Japan.

I am working on an oil on canvas.

It depicts the landscape with the sun, the horizon and the straight path.

These images are based on inspirations I find during my travels and my everyday life.

I’ve been to several countries including Mexico, Northern Europe, 

all of which share the same sun but have different landscapes.

This got me thinking. 

and I started to paint “a view that continues with the sun as its axis”. 

The sun I depict has a face.

Because I feel it is a bystander looking down on us. I also enjoy how it can make the sun appear as a humorous entity.

"in the clouds,166km"
acrylic, oil, collage on canvas

One day, I was traveling through Eastern Europe on a long-distance bus in a winter season. 

I had many thoughts and memories in my mind as I gazed at the endless view of the mountain covered with snow and rocky surfaces.

Then the silent landscape in front of me was transformed into a lyrical and poetic scene in my mind and seemed to speak something to me.

A journey requires a long time from a point to the destination. 

When I spend those times, I feel like I'm (in a state) between the real world and somewhere else, as if I am in another world. 

Those slow and empty time makes me I can encounter my inner self.

For me, painting is a way to express the momentary sense of freedom and liberation

I feel on my journey, to approach and connect with eternity.

(Even if I have a companion on the trip, the time of solitude can come at a moment's notice, when the person falls asleep.)

When I spend the time, 

I feel a sense of being able to communicate with "the world." 

It is like opening my mind and connecting with the world.


"地層の路 -白い太陽-"
 ’ Stratal Path -The White Sun- 
Oil, pastel and sand on canvas
53cm  × 53cm 

During the stayhome period of the pandemic, when the world around me seemed to get smaller and smaller. 

I tried to get the inspiration from everyday life which I used to get during my journeys.

I took a walk, opened books, and listened to music to create an imaginary journey. 

    at my room in my town.

Through them, I have come to see and depict real-world events as allegorical stories than


because I think the aspects of mythology and folklore seem to have reappeared in the actual world now.

I paint the view of an allegorical world inspired by those stories(real-world event).  

I embark on a journey through the painted landscapes.

I try to communicate with the world and my mind through the imaginary journey.

The theme of my artworks is the journey of the mind.  I also feel that my life is like a journey and I feel as if even in an ordinary day, I am always in the midst of a journey.

I hope to exchange imagination with the viewers about the events and imaginary stories of the journey my artworks represent.