I am a painter based in Japan and my main medium is oil on canvas. I depict a landscape with the sun, horizon and straight path. These images are based on inspirations I find during my travels and everyday life.

I’ve been to several places including Mexico, Northern Europe, all of which share the same sun but have different landscapes. This got me thinking. And I started to paint “a view that continues with the sun as its axis”. The sun I depict has a face. Because I feel it is a bystander looking down on us. I am also enjoying how it can make the sun appear as a humorous entity.

 “Un Dia”

1620 x 1120mm 
oil on canvas

One day, I was traveling through Eastern Europe on a long-distance bus. I had many thoughts and memories in my mind as I gazed at the endless view of the mountain covered with snow and rocky surfaces. Then the silent landscape was transformed into a lyrical and poetic scene in my mind and spoke something to me.

A journey requires a long time from starting point to the destination. I like spending that time. I feel as if I am away from my daily life and between the real world and somewhere else.

For me, painting is a way to express the momentary sense of freedom and liberation I felt on my journey. I want to capture those memories as eternal recollections by painting imaginary landscapes on canvas.

"in the clouds"
acrylic, oil, collage on canvas

During the stay-home period of the pandemic, when the world around me seemed to get smaller and smaller. I tried to get the inspiration from everyday life. I took a walk, opened books, and listened to music in order to create an imaginary journeys.

The landscape in my painting has changed. The path has sunk into the sea and the sun in the sky has been buried in the earth. I would like to understand this world we live in today by depict a allegorical image. What I am thinking about through my painting is how this world is. I embark on a journey in painted landscapes. I try to communicate with the world  through imaginary journeys.

 ’ Stratal Path -The White Sun- 
Oil, pastel and sand on canvas
53cm  × 53cm